• “Your ultimate escape…right outside the bedroom door.”

    It’s more than just a walk in closet…it’s your personal paradise. A tranquil place for all your treasures and essentials, and with all your things in perfect order you can delight in selecting just the right outfit for a hectic day or a special evening on the town. No matter, the balance and harmony that a beautifully organized closet can inspire is life enhancing. A special space, customized just the way you want it.

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  • “The Master of Your World”

    Escape into a world of order and organization…enjoy having a place for everything and everything in its place in a personalized space designed just for you. A haven where you can focus on your daily objectives and experience the sense of empowerment that true organization can bring.

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  • “The entire neighborhood will envy your new garage!”

    Our space optimization specialists will help you find unique and remarkable ways to store everything you need in your garage in a neat, user-friendly, safe and incredibly organized manner. You will be able to find all the things that you need when you actually need them, and complete regular tasks with minimum effort. Conquer the clutter in your garage and even have room for your car!

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  • “It’s not just a mudroom, it’s an entry way into your home!”

    Your friends and acquaintances enter your home through your mudroom or back hall. You want it to look good and make a good impression…but you have so much stuff! The kids’ jackets & shoes, boots ,book bags, sports equipment and on and on. We can help! Lockers for each family member, a bench (even with a cushion) to put your boots, baskets, hooks, storage, cubbies…you name it, we can organize it and make it beautiful too!

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  • “Is it a home office or is it a bedroom? It’s Both!!!”

    Here’s the problem…you need a home office, but you also need a bedroom, but you only have one space you can use. Let us help! We can design a beautiful home office and a guest room (or even an everyday bedroom) using our sleep solution magic! Murphy Beds, Hidden Beds, Zoom Room Beds, you name it, we have it… and all at  prices that won’t break the bank.

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  • “Relax! It’s so contemporary, so European and so affordable.”

    Our Relax line of custom closet systems and wall unit or entertainment systems fits the bill. Whether you want this beautiful, sleek and contemporary look in your closets, your family room or your media room we can help you realize your vision with the latest European hardware that really makes a statement. So if cutting edge contemporary is your thing you have come to the right place.

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  • “Have it your way…”

    Your design consultant   will become your closet concierge. Whether your tastes are traditional, contemporary or transitional, our designers will deliver. Using the finest materials, the best in hardware and accessories, and a fabulous range of we can customize your space to look and work just the way you want, quickly, economically and so professionally that you will be thrilled that you chose the Closet Works.

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  • “You guys maximized the space in our pantry…now we’re cooking!!”

    Our pantries make it easy. We have lots of options and designs that can keep everything that hand  and in sight while whipping up your favorite recipes. Cabinets, a lazy Susan, wine storage options, tray storage, table cloth & linen storage, roll-outs, islands, butcher block work surfaces, baskets, shelving, we could go on, but you get the drift. Let an experienced designer from the Closet Works make your pantry the envy of Julia Child!

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Custom Closet Design and Systems

When you choose to work with The Closet Works, Inc., you will have a truly remarkable experience every time because we provide closet design and storage solutions that are efficient, innovative, aesthetically pleasing and affordable with an unmatched attention to detail. We differ from other closet companies in many significant ways, and are committed to your satisfaction above all else.

We begin the process by sending your very own personal Designer and Space Optimization Specialist to your home for FREE! Whether you are looking for built in, reach in, walk in closets, or other storage solutions, your designer will meet with you, look at your space, discuss options and, in many cases, design your new, organized space on the most sophisticated design software in the field right before your eyes.

Our designers have an average of over 15 years of experience in the closet design, storage and furniture business and are expert at creating closet organizer systems and creative storage solutions for your specific needs with a superior level of attention to the details that matter most to you.

We think it important to mention as well that our designers are full time employees of the company and are not either sub-contractors or part timers, but rather dedicated professionals who make their living by being the best in their field.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end with our closet design team, it just begins there. We don’t use any subs on your project. All of our closet organizers are designed, engineered, manufactured, assembled and installed by company employees who have a vested interest in your complete satisfaction and an unmatched dedication to being the best…and they are!

At the Closet Works, every design is customized just for you. Your particular space and specific needs are analyzed, your personal priorities are carefully considered and, as a result, your closet design will be an expression of you. Whatever your requirements, we guarantee that you will receive closet and storage solutions that meet or exceed your needs without hype, high pressure sales tactics or exaggerated promises.

And we don’t skimp on anything. Our hardware is all metal and of extremely high quality. Our standard drawer slides are the full extension ball bearing type. We only use concealed European style hinges. Our board is all ¾”, thermo fused melamine, and our edgebanding is 2mm thick and guaranteed for life never to chip or peel. Our drawer boxes are ½” melamine laminate, not foil or painted board. We could go on, but you get the drift…nothing but the best.

The best products at the best prices, every day (not today only), designed, manufactured and installed by the leading professionals in the industry…in a phrase, true value. Closet and storage solutions you can count on, all the time, only from The Closet Works.

Serving the Philadelphia 5-county metropolitan area, New Jersey and New York for almost 25 years.


The photographs and other images appearing on this website and copy are protected copyrights of The Closet Works, Inc. and may not be used or reproduced without the express within permission of The Closet Works, Inc.  The reproduction or other use of the photographs, images or copy without the express prior written authorization of The Closet Works, Inc. will cause irreparable injury for which The Closet Works, Inc. shall seek just compensation.

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