Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

When you choose The Closet Works, Inc., we guarantee a remarkable experience.  Here are some of the benefits that separate us from other closet organizing companies.

Your Own Designer / Space Optimization Specialist!

When you make an appointment for a free, no obligation in home designs consultation we send a Professional Designer and Space Optimization Specialist (our designers have an average of 16 years experience in this industry).  Your designer will meet with you, evaluate your space, discuss your specific needs and desires and create a personalized design to meet your needs.

Our designers ask questions that other’s do not. We want to know if the space is shared, if so, how tall is the other person? Not only how many do you have of any particular item, but how do you like them stored? Do you like your slacks hung long or folded over the hanger? Do you fold or hang your dress shirts?  What size are your shoes? Would you like cubbies for sandals and flats? We go into great detail to ensure that when the time comes to put everything away, everything has a place and it fits and it suits you in an easy to use and organized fashion.

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Above and Beyond Guarantee

This is a simple yet powerful concept: The Closet Works, Inc. offers the highest quality custom closet organizing systems available in the market place at the most competitive price! Our standard specification exceeds that of most other suppliers and if you want more, we can do that to. We can provide any type of closet system you might desire (or any of the other products we manufacture) from a simple yet excellent quality melamine system to a magnificent custom wood system with custom stains, finishes and millwork. The choice is yours. We also guarantee that we will provide the best price available on any melamine closet system “on an apples to apples” basis. You can be assured that whatever system you choose, you are getting the best deal in town.

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No Chipping Or Peeling:
This guarantee is simple and straight forward: Our standard 2mm edgebanding is guaranteed never to chip or peel, for as long as you own the product in it’s original installation. If any part installed by The Closet Works, Inc. is defective, we will furnish a replacement part at no cost to the original purchaser of the closet system!

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Our standard materials and edgebanding are amongst the highest quality offered in the industry.  All of our panels and shelves are constructed of ¾” thick, industrial grade thermofused melamine…the best available in the industry. The extra thick, 2mm edgebanding we utilize as standard provides superior durability and is guaranteed never to chip or peel. Our hardware and accessories are all of the highest quality. Simply put, we take tremendous pride in our products and if it isn’t excellent, we won’t sell it!

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References Galore:
We invite new customers to call any of our references for a real, live’ testimonial from an actual past customer. We maintain lists that are geographically organized so you can speak about the ins and outs of doing business with us with a customer who has experienced the process. We change the list frequently so as not to over burden any of our valued clients, and we find that often a new customer will find names of friends and neighbors on our lists, giving you an inside track on the real scoop. Our reputation has been exceptional since 1990 and we are A rated with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. We also have a “celebrity” list and you can take a gander and see some of the “famous and celebrated” who have put their trust in The Closet Works.

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Installation is Included

Some of our competitors offer “free installation” for a limited time only as a sales gimmick. Jeez Louise, Our clients aren’t so naïve as to believe that anything is free. Whether it is broken out as a separate line item or not, you can rest assured that whomever installs your system is being paid and you are paying for it so why the games? Our prices include installation by our own, highly trained installation technicians.  We use no sub-contractors. We have no gimmicks. We want you to be able to sit back and enjoy your newly organized spaces, knowing that they have been installed by experts who are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

We’ll Review Your Architectural Plans

If you’re currently having a home or office built or expanded, send over your plans.  We’ll gladly have one of our designers review your architect’s designs and help you ensure that the closets and storage space are designed in the most optimal way!  Often, a small change in the positioning of a door or switch can make a big difference!

So Why Choose us?

Because we care…we really care. We are dedicated to your satisfaction, to providing the highest quality products, fully guaranteed, designed, manufactured and installed by experienced professionals and we will go the extra mile for our clients. Our business has prospered since 1990 because we deliver what we promise and more and our customers feel comfortable referring us to family and friends without reservation. Also, we’re nice people…that’s important too. Perhaps at some point in your life you have done business with people who are not so nice? It’s not fun. We want your total experience with us to be pleasurable, reasonable, professional and fun…and we will do what it takes to make that happen.